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Love Is Survival: What Anthropology Teaches Us About Positive Romantic Relationships

The more we learn about romantic love the more we can apply that understanding to our own relationships. Anthropological research provides a window into the history of loveΓÇöwhy it evolved and howΓÇöthat can be applied to developing positive relationships in our modern world. The Origins of Romantic Love Women and men are attracted to one […]


How to know if your relationship is for keeps

Under very many circumstances when in a relationship, one may develop doubt as to whether it is worthwhile or not. Such feelings are basically developed as a natural means we all have to protect our being, including our emotions. Basically and mostly experienced if we are vested with a desire to be in a relationship […]

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Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person: How to Find Lasting Love

We all live fast-paced lives drowning in distractions and information, but deep inside we all know that we need something deeper. For many of us, that Holly Grail of true happiness is hidden in finding the right person to spend the rest of our lives with. And we need to achive that while dealing with […]

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