Are you a man? Are you having troubles attracting women? Then reading this article will impact your date life in a positive manner. Women are complicated, and most of the times we also complicate ourselves. In that, we do not understand what we want. Although as women winning a guy is quite easy as men are quite simple, as you can easily predict their behavior. On the other hand, it will take more than good looks to win a lady. In this article, I will give you in-depth secrets of what we women look for in a man.

  1. Fashion sense

Most men donΓÇÖt know that in the first minutes of meeting you. I know if I will want to date you or not, by just the way you dress. We get to turn on by just the way you dress up. When meeting a woman you should be neat and presentable. Remember while you are a kid and told never judge a book by its cover. However, we ladies tend to judge you by the way you dress up.

You donΓÇÖt have to have the latest Gucci, Alexander McQueen or Giorgio Armani suits or outfit. Although it does not hurt to have them, if you come with a simple T-shirt and trouser which looks neat and stylish then you are on the right path. Never underestimate how you dress up during the first date. So dress to kill but keep it under moderation. Do not go overboard. Find something which works for you and which makes you look like prince charming to her.

  1. Smell

This is a MUST for any guy. We LOVE a man who smells good. We are sensitive regarding how you smell. If you smell exquisite, it will earn you ten points. There high chances of getting a second date when you are smell good.

A survey was conducted on 350 women from Sydney University on how men odor and the possibility of dating a guy who smells good and with a man who has awful body odor. The finding was that 80% of the ladies would date a man who smells good, while 15% of the women said they would look for more than smell while 5% stated that they would never even consider a second date with a guy who has an awful body odor. So as a man you should invest in buying good cologne if you are even thinking to win the woman over.

  1. Confidence

No woman wants a weak guy. We want a man who will stop you in the middle of the road and ask for my number. We love confident men, as a man do not be afraid to go that hot co-worker and ask her for a date. Maybe we have been eyeing you waiting for you to make a move. A confident man is a big turn on for ladies. So as a man you should never doubt yourself. Doubting yourself will lower your confidence level

A confident man is a big turn on to women. This because a confident man portrays that he believes in his abilities. A confident person is not bothered by other people comments about him. A confident man represents himself as independent, not clingy or needy for attention. We, ladies, hate people who beg for attention

Although confidence is attractive to many women, do not come out as arrogant or jerk. As a confident man, you should try to be humble. Confidence will get you my number and the first date, however, humility will guarantee you a second date and if I will be seeing you later shortly.

  1. Sense of humor

Having a good sense of humor will spark attraction. We love guys who can make us laugh and turn our frown into a smile. It takes less than 5 minutes to know if a guy has a sense of humor by just listening to how he talks. A man with good sense of humor will make us eager to talk to you.

Findings from Northumbria University shows that we human tend to regard a good sense of humor as an indication of intelligence and social intelligence. We are geared to find a guy with a sense of humor more attractive than a man who lacks a sense of humor.

As a man, you should take your time by expanding your sense of humor. You can do this reading comedy books or just watch programs like comedy live to inspire your humor. Also, you should take your time to update your jokes as jokes tend to go with the current trend.

A good sense of humor will make us, ladies forget about all of our stress. Also, you should understand that we women are different. Our difference will get you know that not every joke works for all of us. A comment may be funny to Jane while that same comment could be offensive to Grace. So as a man you should know or try to understand that all jokes donΓÇÖt work for all of us and just up your game.

  1. Healthy Body

99.9% of women will agree that a guy having a good body is a big turn on. We melt with envy when we see a guy with a good boy working with another lady. Having a good body will assure the woman that you are discipline and self-control. A man with a muscular body will indicate that he can protect the lady in times of danger.

Besides, a well muscular guy looks good in fitting clothes. So if you are the guy, you should consider hitting the gym. Get that extra muscles and biceps. However, you should keep it in moderation do not overdo it. This is because some guys maybe too muscular which can be sometimes scary.

  1. Great cook and house cleanliness

When you visit your place for a date or just a casual visit. We tend to look how clean your apartment is. A clean apartment shows that you are self-sufficient and I wonΓÇÖt be cleaning up after you. As a woman it a big turn off when you visit a guy place and find it dirty and disorganize. I donΓÇÖt want to be your mother who will ensure that your place is clean.

Also, you should learn how to cook. Learn about three to five awesome recipes which you could cook for me when I come visit. As a man, if you wish to win a lady over easily then learn to cook and make sure that what you cook comes out great.

  1. Source of income

Some may say that money is not a must. To be honest, as a woman you need a guy who can provide. It may sound bitchy or materialistic, but it is the truth, we all want a man who has a source of income. At the end of the day, we wonΓÇÖt be eating our love for dinner. No lady wants a guy who canΓÇÖt support her.

When you win me over, I don’t want to starve or go hungry. You don’t have to be a billionaire or a millionaire. Although it won’t hurt, being spoiled by a rich billionaire guy, hehe. As a man, you should be able to cater for my needs. A man who has a source of income shows that he can support me. As a woman,  we want a man who can spoil us occasionally with gifts or exotic trips.

As a woman, we were brought up seeing our fathers paying for most of the bills. So what most of us look for even if we donΓÇÖt notice it, is someone who will take care of our bills like our fathers. We love rich men.

  1. Passionate and Romantic

As a lady, we love men with a passion. No matter the activity even if itΓÇÖs painting. Just by listening to how a guy talks you just realize if he is passionate about something. A loving man shows that he cares more than himself.

Besides, we all want a romantic guy who will sweep off our feet. This may sound naïve, but we all want our prince charming. We want to be taken out on Friday night; we want a guy who will open the door for us, who is not afraid to tell the whole world that he is in love with me. We all want that guy who even after an argument will come and say sorry.

  1. Great in bed

We all want our sex life to be beyond awesome. As a woman we want you to make us climax each time we have sex. We all want a beast under the sheet. We want you to take your time explore my body. Kiss my whole body and let me feel am in heaven. As a man, you should understand that we are different and while some of us can get turned on so quickly and climax. Some of us also have difficulties being turned on. So as a man you should take time while exploring our body.

  1. Intelligence

Every woman loves an intelligent man. In recent years there have increased in demand of geeks. A man who is intelligent is like gold. So if you want to get the attention of a woman is smart. You donΓÇÖt to be a bookworm although it doesn’t hurt to read of 100 of books. A woman can know if you are intelligent by they way you talk.Wise men are fascinating and never get boring. As they can change the topic depending on the situation. Besides, an intelligent man knows how to solve different problems which are handy.

  1. Dependable

No woman wants a man who is not reliable. We hate excuses especially when it comes from a man. So when we set a date on Friday at 8.00P.M, I expect you to show up at 7.55P.M. I donΓÇÖt want excuses from you and I donΓÇÖt want to you to come at 8.15 P.M. even if there was a crazy traffic.We want a lady who is true to his word and fulfills every promise he says.Dependability will ensure that I stay for a long haul.

  1. Unpredictable

We love the excitement in our lives. As a man, you should try to be mysterious and unpredictable.If you are too predictable, you become dull. It is for that reason you find many women preferring bad boys in our lives. Bad boys are unpredictable and mysterious which brings fun into our lives.

By being mysterious, you could decide to take your lady to just a road trip, without even telling her. Women love that man who is mysterious and romantic at the same time.

  1. Kindness

In the dating scene, your understanding will take you far. Women tend to look at how kind you are in treating others. The way you treat other people is an indication of how you will try her when she finally gives in. It is easy to know if a guy is kind to other people by the way he just treats the waiter on the first date. A man who treats the waiter rudely on the first date does not deserve a second shot. Being rude to the waitress that if you are rude to the waiter you probably mistreat me.

Also, we tend to get attracted to guys who undertake charity works. A charitable man shows that he cares more than himself and also you can care for her.

  1. Fatherliness

A guy who proves that he can be a father is big turn to a lady. We tend to get drawn into to guys who we can see that we can build a future with and who will be able to take care of his family. A man who portrays’s fatherly character is more attractive than a guy who is muscular. It is easy to know a guy can be a great father by the way he treats kids during your constant interaction with him. We tend to pull towards a guy who loves children.

  1. We want a real man

Every woman wants a real man. A man who knows how to take care of his stuff. Although we are nurturing and caring, we donΓÇÖt want to be your mama. We love to take care of you and help you out to reach your potential.

Although we find a man, who has a good relationship with his man as attractive. As good relationship with your mom shows that you can be able to treat me well. However, we donΓÇÖt want a mommyΓÇÖs boy, as a woman, I donΓÇÖt want fight for your attention with your mom

We also donΓÇÖt want a man who is just easy going. As a man, you should not be accepting defeat so easily. Sometimes we just ask you something to see how you will react. We love a man who has the intellectual capacity to challenge me in a right way and not does sound rude. You should have the spine and balls to speak your mind out. If you have your principles, do not change them, but you can learn how to meet halfway. Do not be rigid that you cannot change. You should also be able to accept some of my opinions.

  1. Gentleman

Gentlemen in the current society are rare to find. As every man wants to be a gangster or a thug. However, even if you are a gangster or thug, as a woman, I would love for you to be a gentleman to me. Sometimes being old fashion will take you further in trying to win a lady over.


As a man, you pay on the first date. Hold the door for me, pull over my chair for me to see, walk to the front of my house and call me the next day the first thing in the morning. We are all suckers for this small stuff.

  1. A man who is himself

Lastly as a man you should be yourself. Although you may have probably read a lot of magazine, relationship blogs and watched numerous TV shows, you should lose the real you through all those articles and TV shows. Although some of the articles may help you but never forget to be yourself. A woman will love you more if you are yourself. If she does not like you for being yourself, then she does not deserve. You deserve better, and you should get someone who will appreciate you for who you are.


Although we may be difficult at times, you can win any woman you want. Nothing is impossible, even winning that woman you have been having the biggest crush on, can be yours. By just reading this article you are in the right direction of winning any woman you have ever want. Let 2017 be that year in which you win over your dream woman



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