Since time and memorial, the population of women has always been greater than that of men. This has led to some of us, settling for mediocrity. As women, we want the best, and we should not settle for anything but the best. We all know what we are looking for. Although, these choices may differ from one woman to another. Finding Mr. Right is hard as the world is full of some many ordinary men. Men who have great qualities, good looking and who have their lives in order are rare gemstones. Finding one who is single is the hardest thing as most of these men are quickly grabbed away by other women.

In this article, I will give you tips on how to find Mr. Right. Although some may say being single is fun and stress-free, but truth be told, we all need that one particular special person. Who makes your life worth living, who will love you unconditionally and who be there for you all through the difficulties times in your life. I don’t believe in impossibility especially when it comes to finding what is best for you. I am not an expert on the dating scene, however, following this tips will help you in finding Mr. Right.  2017 is the year that you find your Mr. Right.

  1. Get into the game.

As a woman, we were told that the right man would just come into your life. However, the times have changed. More women are becoming bold. So stop fooling yourself that your Mr. Right will come to your house and knock on your door and ask you out. Even if that happens, there are high chances you will chase him away. Nothing good ever come from just sitting and waiting. So as a 21st Century woman, you should get out of your comfort zone and find yourself your Mr. Right.

The more you get out there, the higher chances you will get your Mr. Right. Getting into the dating scene will help you interact with some great men. Constant interaction with different kind of people will help you know what you love. Dr. Phil says,ΓÇÖΓÇÖ Dating is a game of numbersΓÇÖΓÇÖ and always putting yourself out there is step closer you are in finding yourself Mr. Right.

  1. Get your life together

As a woman trying to find Mr. Right, they are also men trying to find themselves Ms. Right. People also know what they want. No man wants a lazy woman who just spends the whole of her day in the house. Quality men want quality women. So get your ass up, have something going on in your life. Get a diploma and get a job.

In studies conducted in Europe, the modern man wants a woman who has her life all together. It is attractive to find a lady who is independent and knows what they want in life. So as a woman set your goals and try to achieve them.

Also, you should try to build your character. Men will tend to settle for a lady who has a great character. So before your Mr. Right comes along and sweeps you off your feet, you should do self-evaluation. Examine your character and see what you can improve on. Also, you should try to be happy with yourself. No man will come in your life and make your happy. That happiness will be artificial, real happiness beings with yourself. So you should try to be satisfied with yourself.

  1. Know you target zones

There is a famous East African saying that ΓÇ£mtaka asali lazima afute nyukiΓÇ¥ which means if you want honey you have to find bees. LetΓÇÖs take this African saying and put its words into actions. The African saying means if you want Mr. Right you should visit the various areas you expect them to be. After finding the type of guy you want, you should take the incentives to visit the areas that that typical kind of man would be located. For instance, if you are looking for a God fearing man, you should try to visit the church. By visiting the various joints that you think your Mr. Right would be found is a step forward in the right direction.

  1. Have an open mind

Nothing good comes easily. After putting yourself out there, you should understand that not every frog you will kiss will be turn out to be your prince charming, as some will remain as frogs. DonΓÇÖt expect to find you Mr. Right on the first date. Thus it is important to have an open mind. You will face so many disappointments but do not lose hope in finding your special one. You never know when you are just about to give when your Mr. Right comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Having an open mind will take you further your quest of finding your Mr. Right.

In addition, you should understand that not all men are the same. So your constant interaction with the different type of people will help you build yourself, as a woman and you will get to know what you donΓÇÖt want in a man.

  1. Vary your visit places.

We are a creature of habits. We donΓÇÖt love the idea of moving from our particular familiar places. So in the search for your Mr. Right, you should vary the places you visit, with every new location you will be able to meet different type of men. According to Dr. Phil, he says ΓÇ£By now you should realize that youΓÇÖre ordinary hangout isnΓÇÖt the place to meet extraordinary people,ΓÇ¥

You should also try visiting new places by trying to explore the things you are passionate. For instance, if you like rock climbing, you could visit various rock climbing sites. By studying your interests, you can be able to find a guy who you have things in common. Having common interests is the best way to start. By being passionate about your interests, you create this positive vibe which will attract any potential Mr. Right.

  1. Try to boost your best physical attributes

Fact, nobody is perfect. Even Ms. Universe is not 100% perfect. However, if you boost our best physical attributes, we can be able to hide our negative physical attributes. Also, you should know this dating in real life nobody looks like the models on the television or in the magazine.

However you should know that we are all beautiful. We all have that one thing which is unique and makes you stand out in a crowd. DonΓÇÖt worry that your ass is not fat enough or your tummy is not flat enough. You should know that your Mr. Right is not looking for a big ass or flat stomach, he is looking for what is unique to you.

You can boost your physical attributes by finding the best outfits which accentuate your best features. Wear something which makes you feel sexy. Then you should be able to accept yourself. Constantly looking down at yourself creates a negative vibe which is not attractive. You can visit your stylist, or you can ask you friends which outfits brings out your physical attributes.  Looking good does not cost a fortune, look for outfits which works for you and which are under your budget.


  1. Confidence

As a woman, you should portray confidence in your life. Even if things are not going the way, you want. You should carry your head up high. Men love who have confidence. So do everything possible to boosts your confidence level.

Even if you have to go out and buy new clothes or if you have to do yoga. Just do anything which helps you bring out your confidence.

  1. Forget your past mistakes.

Fact, we all make mistakes. Do not let your mistakes define you. Stop living in the past. You should know that everything happens for a reason. We all date people who later in life, we ask ourselves, ‘’ what was I thinking?’’  Accepting our past mistakes and realizing that we made mistakes you are making a good step forward in your quest of finding your special one. By recognizing your mistakes, you will know what you want in a man and want you don’t want. Your mistakes helps you grow and become a better person

  1. Write down what you want in man

By this time you have already interacted with some guys. From your experience, you should now be able to who what you want. Remember this is real life, nobody is perfect. I know you have watched a couple of romantic movies and maybe you admire the main character, how is so physically attractive, has six figured salaries, sensitive and romantic. Remember thatΓÇÖs a movie and in real life is so different.

You should list down the attributes you wish to find your special one. Know what you are looking for in a man. These qualities could do his goals in life; interests do you have common interests, family values, among other things. Do not be quick to judge, take your time and remember that no guy will meet your expectations 100%

  1. Limit the number of friends.


Some of us are single because of our friends. We tend to ΓÇ£men blockΓÇ¥ ourselves with our friends we hang out with during night outs. Women sometimes donΓÇÖt know that people tend to judge them from their buddies. If you have those wild friends, it is best when you are going out you limit them. Also by now you should know by different friends bring out different qualities in your personality. So donΓÇÖt hang out with the same friends, you should try to go out with friends who bring out the best qualities in your personality.

Also, you should you should limit the number of friends you go out with. Men tend to get scared when they notice that if they want to win you over, they have a panel of judges (your girlfriends) who will judge them. During an interview, Dr. Phil explores what men think when you surrounded yourself with a pack of friends. He says that. ΓÇ£Guys are less likely to come over if they feel theyΓÇÖve got an audience,ΓÇ¥

If you are used to going out with married friends, it brings this vibe that you donΓÇÖt want to be approached, or you are already married. Also if you are used to going out with your male friends, it portrays that you are unapproachable or you are already dating one of the guys. It is not bad going out with your male friends but takes note that you may be preventing your special one from approaching you.

  1. Be open to exploring new things.

You should be open to exploring to matchmaker services and blind dates. Love is a strange thing, and we tend to find love in places where we did not expect to find love. It does not hurt to explore new ventures. We are living in the 21st Century where everything has gone digital. So if you have never tried web matchmaker services, then you should. The good thing about match maker services is that one can put the qualities they want and you get to see potential Mr. Right.

However, in online dating, you should take precautions. They are so many crooks out there who will want to take advantage of you. Use your common sense and when it does not feel right, be free to leave. Trust your guts.

  1. Take an interest in the conversation.

As a woman who has gone to a date. You should try to listen and appear interested in the discussion. No man wants a woman who seems disinterested. Appearing disinterested only shows that you are a self-entitled or selfish. Dr. Phil explores the importance of focusing on the conversation, and he says, ΓÇ£If the man youΓÇÖre talking to feels accepted and liked by you, he is much more apt to like you in return.ΓÇ¥ You should maintain eye contact, and you can chip in when it is necessary. Also, you should be audible and confident enough to speak your thoughts and opinions out.

  1. DonΓÇÖt Be Afraid to Approach Him

We, Women we rule the world. I know you are pretty much saying to yourself that you can never approach a man. But we are living in changing times, where if you want something you need to go out for it.  So if you want that guy in your class or workplace do not be afraid to approach him. Also during events if you spot a good looking guy across the room and he has not made the initial step to come over to you. Do not be afraid to go to and talk to him. What do you have to lose? Remember the best things in life comes when people make the risk.

  1. Be yourself

Never forget to be who you are. You have probably read many blog articles, magazines and watched numerous talk shows, showing you how to behave. Some are you but while reading does not lose your personality and character between the pages and the articles. You should know that sometimes trying to incorporate everything you read in the magazines and what you see on television will make you look artificial or plastic. It is always right to be yourself. Do not compromise your beliefs, goals and your character in your quest to find Mr.Right. You Mr. Right will love you with your personality

Never lose hope

Nothing ever came from giving up. Even if you have kissed so many frogs do not lose hope in finding your prince charming. Love happens when you least expect it. You should not expect your prince charming on the first night out with your friends. Although it can occur chances of that happening is usually rare.

Also, you should be patient. Do not rush into things. Rushing into things will make you regret your choices later. Even Rome was not in one day, so treat treat your love life as a construction site. For any architectural masterpiece, it takes time. You will make mistakes, break some walls but at the end of it all you will have your masterpiece.


Love with the right person is a beautiful thing. Everybody needs and deserved to be loved. Finding the right person can be hard, but it is not rocket science. They are so many good potential Mr.Right out there even though you may have a bad experience. Just remember there is a guy out there who will love you and treat you like a queen. In your quest for finding Mr.Right, you should be genuine with yourself are and know what you are looking for. Also be yourself and do not comprise your standards. Finally, you should be patient and pray for God to send you, your Mr. Right

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